Todd Sumida

As the SEO Specialist for Angelsmith, Todd comes from a diverse background of music, graphic design, and apparel. Having worked with several small companies and startups, Todd prides himself on his "hands-on" attitude and creative eye.

A musician at heart, Todd used to play drums in a metal band called Kodiak, performing in eclectic venues throughout the West Coast. After Todd decided to hang up his drumsticks he found a new creative outlet in designing apparel. Thanks to Todd's graphic design skills he hasn't bought a new t-shirt in more than two years.

Todd's time at Angelsmith has taught him the importance of establishing a solid framework when developing a website. Without one, a business could be losing clients to simple mistakes and have no idea why. As he's built landing pages for various clients he's picked up new conversion rate optimization tactics.

In his spare time, Todd focuses on keeping a disciplined diet and weight lifting routine in preparation for a men's physique competition. He also spends his spare time learning how to read and speak Japanese.

Email: todd@angelsmith.net
Phone: 310.254.9450 ext. 701
LinkedIn: Todd Sumida