Gina Burdi

Gina Burdi has extensive knowledge on how businesses can use their social media platforms to go beyond collecting "likes" and instead create real engagement to form genuine relationships between the brand and the consumer. Gina was recently promoted from social media manager to digital marketing project manager at Angelsmith.

In her nearly 7 year career, she's worked some exciting events, from the Castroville Artichoke Festival to Chevron's Fuel Your School. She credits her successful career to being a strong team player and using clear communication skills to keep projects moving forward.

Gina has a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Marketing from California State University Sacramento, as well as training in mediation and conflict resolution. She prides herself on her ability to build strong relationships with people professionally, personally and within her community. In her spare time, Gina enjoys drinking the keto diet approved beverage, Bulletproof Coffee, listening to Metallica and posting photos of her beloved Pomeranian to Instagram.


Email: gina@angelsmith.net
Phone: 310.254.9450 ext. 707
LinkedIn: Gina Burdi