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Who We Are

Beauty & Brawn

Angelsmith is an award-winning digital advertising agency. Based in Hollywood, CA, we’re a rather unusual combination of beauty and brawn.   We design stunning websites and engaging social media content, but it’s more than just pretty, we make sure it supports a brand’s business objectives. 

Our patented work process, Intercept & Influence™, maps how buyers move through the sales process, on which channels they are most receptive to learning about your product or service and what communication they need at each step of their process.  It has helped clients such as The Hess Collection, Rodney Strong Wine Estates, Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards, Club Pilates, Kite Hill Foods and others to engage more deeply with their consumer and ultimately increase sales.

We continue to invest substantial resources to better understand the evolving path to purchase with annual consumer surveys and research.

Practice Areas

In their former lives, both partners worked in entertainment marketing.  But one warm day in Napa Valley, a shared bottle of sparkling wine, and a successful meeting with a winery changed everything. 

They came back to the City of Angels from Napa and what they brought with them was a deep understanding of how to create consumer experiences that entertain, connect and inform.

Core Vertical Focus

  • Wine
  • Health & Fitness
  • Restaurants
  • Consumer Packaged Products

Services Provided

  • Digital advertising
  • Website development
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Email marketing

Three Things We Geek Out On

  1. Understanding the consumer’s path to purchase for our clients
  2. Increasing sales for our clients
  3. Tracking sales attributions from cradle to grave

Our Culture

  • We love to jackhammer past goals.
  • We’re competitive, but we’ll always lend a helping hand.
  • We love to educate because if everyone is more informed, then we all get better.
  • We are fiercely loyal.
  • We love to learn. 
  • We’re super scrappy.

If you think Angelsmith would be a good digital advertising partner for you, please call 310.254.9450 or email our CEO, Carin Oliver.

Angelsmith Team

Eric Oliver

President & Co-Owner

As President of Angelsmith, Eric is involved in all aspects of Angelsmith’s development process, ensuring that every project is conducted with the highest professionalism.

Carin Oliver

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

She is well-known for developing the ground-breaking Dining Decision Ecosystem™. She has used that proprietary process discovery process to help consumer packaged goods, wineries, travel and retail clients understand their clients better.

Gina Burdi

Digital Project Manager

Gina was recently promoted from social media manager to digital marketing project manager at Angelsmith. She credits her successful career to being a strong team player and using clear communication skills to keep projects moving forward.

Terran Kim

Art Director

Having designed for such a wide variety of clients, ranging from small business owners to non-profits to large corporations, Terran has extensive experience in adapting her work to different styles and concepts.

Todd Sumida

SEO Specialist

As the SEO Specialist for Angelsmith, Todd comes from a diverse background of music, graphic design, and apparel. Having worked with several small companies and startups, Todd prides himself on his “hands-on” attitude and creative eye.

Corie Randolph

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant for Angelsmith, Corie comes from the world of writing and producing comedy. At Angelsmith, Corie is using writing skills towards creating content for Angelsmith’s clients such as ad copy, landing page content, blog posts, and more.


Angelsmith is an advertising agency that specializes in understanding the consumer’s path to purchase in wine, food, restaurants, as well as, health & fitness.  Hey, you need to balance out all that eating and drinking with some exercise.  We are really, really good at the following:


  • Display Advertising
  • Search Advertising
  • Social Advertising


  • Link Building
  • Local
  • Technical Onsite

Web Design & Development

  • Ecommerce
  • Iterative Website Optimization
  • Mobile First Design
  • WordPress

Email Marketing

  • Data Append
  • List Building
  • Reactivation Campaigns
  • Strategy
  • Template Design & Development

Social Media Marketing

  • Daily Management
  • Digital Public Relations
  • Influencer Activation
  • Promotions & Contests
  • Social Media Audit & Strategy Consulting

Contact Us

We look forward to talking to you!


1601 Vine Street, 6th Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028