Corie Randolph

Administrative Assistant for Angelsmith, Corie comes from the world of writing and producing comedy. Her most notable past work was the year she spent at NBCUniversal's Digital Lab as a production assistant on a reality makeover show that aired on Snapchat. Most of her job responsibilities were writing puns for the show's on-camera talent about the Kardashians, the Baldwins, and a little bit of Harry Potter.

These days Corie is using her writing skills towards creating content for Angelsmith's clients such as ad copy, landing page content, blog posts, and more. She believes her past employment has prepared her for working in the marketing industry as she's learned the importance of branding yourself, having a clear tone fo voice, and a strong mission statement.

Outside of work Corie enjoys consuming endless comedic podcasts dedicated to discussing politics, true crime, and Bravo reality television. Corie is also an avid trivia player. Catch her on Wednesday night with her trivia team answering those obscure questions and collecting first-place prizes.

Email: corie@angelsmith.net
Phone: 310.254.9450 ext. 702
LinkedIn: Corie Randolph