28 Tips For Awesome Blog, Facebook and Forum Participation

It's still the wild wild west out in the big bad world of social media commenting. We've put together a short list of 28 tips that we try to keep in mind when we're participating on blogs, in forums, on Facebook, and other social networks.

1. What Would The Queen Mother Do?


In person etiquette rules apply. Just because you can’t see the other person, doesn’t mean you can ditch what your mother taught you. Ask yourself, what would the Queen mother do?

2. Party Crasher


Before, showing up unannounced, research, read, listen, and only then engage.

3. Team Work Works

Social media is collaborative, be a team player.

4. One-To-One


I’m sure you’ve heard that social media is great because it’s a one to many conversation. But that can be very impersonal. Instead, imagine you are having the conversation over a nice glass of Romanee Conti (and you don’t have to pay!)

5. It’s Personal

Authenticity counts on social media channels. Posting for your company? Brands are made up of humans, act like one.

6. It’s Heartfelt

Write about what is special to you. Share a personal story and bridge it back to your company in an appropriate way.

7. Build Trust

By being honest and transparent with your fans, followers and readers, you can build trust. People buy from people they trust.

8. Anonymous No More

Posting anonymous comments is a big fat no no! Fake accounts? Fake review? Readers can spot that a mile away. Not acceptable.

9. Less is More

Be short and to the point quickly. Write, edit. And then edit some more.

10. Compose Yourself

Organize your thoughts before replying.

11. Reach Out & Touch Someone...Digitally

Cross link when appropriate.

12. Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Reference other links when you are posting information you found there.

13. Share Your Expertise

Comment on blogs and forums, often and thoughtfully.

14. Don’t Be Mute


Comment on the comments you’ve received. Think of it as a conversation. If someone responded to you at a cocktail party, you wouldn’t stare blankly and remain mute. (although some comments, we have to agree, do warrant that response)

15. Life is Short, Use Your Time Wisely

Don’t force yourself to participate in a community you don’t like even if it’s the most popular!

16. Share Your Secrets


Sometimes great relationships require inside knowledge. Just don’t share everything.

17. Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Be yourself – If you are humorous, weave some in; if you have an acerbic wit, knock yourself out; serious? rock on.

18. You Are An Original Work of Art

Work on defining your own voice. It takes time, but it’s well worth it.

19. Collaborate, Don’t Dictate

Collaboration is key, you’re not the only prodigy in the pod, be a peer by inviting discourse.

20. Short And Sweet

Break your text up into small paragraphs, assume readers have A.D.D.

21. Be Graphic

Humans learn faster visually. Use images and graphics to your advantage.

22. Think Small


Connect with readers by telling them what it means to them as an individual by using micro numbers and statistics.

23. Spelling Counts

Use proper grammar, punctuation and spell check; but at the same time, you don’t need to be the next Bret Easton Ellis.

24. Accept Failure

Don’t be fearful of making mistakes, we all mess up. Just write something already!

25. Deliver Value

Be helpful and let people benefit from your experience and knowledge.

26. Get To The Point

When someone asks a question, answer it first. You can build the trust and respect of your peers by posting on-topic replies.

27. Death of A Salesman

No one wants to be sold. You are the expert, be the resource that you know you are, but easy on the overt self-promotion.

28. Direct Connect

Contact someone directly if you think there is business to be done, not publicly.

Do you have awesome social media participation tips you can share that have worked for you?

Queen Mother - Buckingham Palace
Toy Plane Crash - Jenny Bach
See No Evil - Thorinside
Think Small - Josh Bancroft