Eric Oliver

As President of Angelsmith, Eric is involved in all aspects of Angelsmith’s development process, ensuring that every project is conducted with the highest professionalism.

Eric has worked in the online industry since the late 90’s, working with clients like Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Disney, THQ, Namco Bandai Games America, Qantas Airways, Citibank, and more. He has received numerous awards for his sites, including Macromedia Site of the Day awards for his “Hollowman” and “Charlie’s Angels” sites, a Clio nomination for his site for “The Insider”, and “Best Major Label” award for the Elektra Records corporate site at the Gavin Convention.

Eric provides key consulting in the scoping & discovery phase, design support and input during the creative development phase, and programming input during the technical development phase.

email: erico@angelsmith.net
phone: 310.254.9450 ext. 794
Twitter: @Thecosmonaut
LinkedIn: Eric Oliver