Social Media Strategy Consultant – Carin Oliver

You have great people and a motivated team
handling your social media.
You just need a little help

to take your social strategy to the next level.


Carin Oliver, Agency co-owner & Chief Social Media Strategy Consultant

I’m here to help.

Hi! I’m Carin Oliver. I’m the owner and chief innovation officer here at Angelsmith. I work with you and your internal team to craft a social media strategy that helps you achieve your business goals.  I understand that you have limited time, budget and resources but also big expectations from your company.  

Step One: Social Media Audit

I analyze your current social media footprint across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google + as well as the impact on your company’s bottom line.  The social media audit will give you an understanding of where your company is successful, identify opportunities, and make recommendations on how you can get the best return on investment for your social media effort.

Customer Analysis

We research the interests of your social media fans and followers as well as those visiting your website to establish a data-driven profile of your customers.

Content Assessment

We dig deep into your content to uncover gaps between your customers interests and your posts; identify the best times and days you should be active on social media; alignment with overall company goals and engagement by demographic. 

Website Traffic Impact

We give you a complete picture of which social channels deliver the best (not necessarily the most) traffic to your site and what social users are hoping to find when they get there.

Competitor Review

We research what your competitors are doing on social and identify opportunities for you.

Step Two: Social Media Strategy

The strategy guide will act as a roadmap for your company’s social media marketing activities that will take your brand’s effort to the next level.   We help set achievable social media goals tied to a timeline.

Content Strategy

We will outline a content strategy that supports the needs of your community and your business goals.


We will identify opportunities that can be executed with your social media marketing resources that support the goals of the organization.

Integrating Social

Angelsmith will create tactical recommendation to integrate social into your other marketing efforts and across your organization.

Growing Your Brand On Social

Angelsmith will make specific recommendations on how to build engagement drives results on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts.

Social Tools Recommendations

It’s nearly impossible to effectively execute a social media marketing program without technology tools. We will recommend the right social media tools for your brand.

Internal Responsibilities

Clarifying internal roles in a communication matrix streamlines the social media effort.  

Resource Allocation

You can maximize your effort by knowing how much time to spend on each social channel based on its potential impact on the business.

Editorial Calendar

The custom editorial calendar will keep your team and every social channel on message and allow for advance planning.

Step Three: Let’s Chat.

Let’s talk and see if a social media audit and strategy is the right solution for you.

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