Case Study | Regional Restaurant Chain Sets One Day Online Sales Record

Mary’s Pizza Shack Exceeds All Systemwide Onosys Sales



In March, San Francisco Bay Area restaurant 16 location chain, Mary’s Pizza Shack, had to close its doors due to COVID-19.   The beloved family restaurant went from full to zero revenue overnight.  We had to solve this problem fast.

The competition was fierce as national pizza delivery chains and the larger food delivery category was battling it out for reduced market share.   We experienced unexpected costs per click and wildly fluctuating advertising environments. The added pressure of knowing that hundreds of employees weren’t able to work weighed heavily on the Angelsmith team. 


In less than 48 hours Angelsmith had created a new strategy, goals and creative to drive online sales for delivery. Buoyed by the great offers created by Mary’s internal team based on historic ordering data.  Together Angelsmith and the marketing team developed key communication that resonated with their core audience as we closely monitored the sales funnel to implement necessary optimizations.

Mary’s uses Onosys, a leading digital ordering platform for restaurant chains including Round Table Pizza, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and Penn Station East Coast Subs, and that was instrumental in supporting this new urgent directive. 

Advertising channels used in this campaign were:

  • Paid search
  • Paid social media
  • Digital display 

We began testing and optimizing both the website and the advertising as we rolled into May.  We knew that Mother’s Day had the potential to be hugely successful.  Leading into that Sunday, we tightened up the campaign, made last-minute adjustments, and put the full weight of our learnings into play.  


According to Onosys, Mary’s Pizza Shack generated the largest one-day ecommerce sales in their platform’s history on Mother’s Day of 2020. 

  • Results year over year: 
    • Total revenue increased by 250%
    • Ecommerce conversion rate increased by 75%
    • Transactions increased by 206%
    • Average order value increased by 14%
  • Advertising conversion rates were 20+%
  • Landing page conversion rates exceeded 33%


This campaign resulted in the best single day of sales that Onosys had ever seen in its platform’s history and was a big win for Mary’s Pizza Shack. 

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