Dobbes Case Study | Multi-Channel Advertising Campaign Increases Tasting Room Traffic & Online Wine Sales

In the town of Dundee, Oregon, the Pinot Noir capital of the world, an under-the-radar family-run winery was waiting in the wings for its chance to show oenophiles its spiffy outdoor patio, warm Oregonian welcome, award-winning wines and share its quirky events. But without an advertising investment, the people drove past not knowing about the true gem just on the other side of the tracks. 

Angelsmith began working with Dobbes Family Estate in 2018 with an advertising program to help drive more foot traffic into the tasting room. 



The winery had recently experienced a change in leadership and is in an untraditional location in town.  In prior years, there had been limited marketing investment resulting in little momentum around the brand.   A significant percentage of the brand’s first-party data were lapsed consumers.



Angelsmith’s goal was to increase foot traffic into the tasting room by 25%. To reach that goal we knew it would be important to:

  • Attract new drive market consumers
  • Engage in-market visitors
  • Reinvigorate lapsed visitors

We began the tasting room advertising campaign with a thorough website audit that identified critical path-to-purchase issues.  Angelsmith updated the functionality of the site before deploying the advertising across channels like geofencing, paid search and Facebook advertising. To help with conversions and track the campaign’s performance, Angelsmith designed and deployed landing pages to support the ad creative.



Return on Ad Spend

  • 8:1

Visitor Increased

  • 34%

Tasting Room Wine Sales

  • 23%

Average Order Value Increased

  • 5.6%


To have a successful tasting room traffic program, consumers need to be reached at different points along their path to purchase.

Angelsmith’s proprietary process, Intercept & Influence™, is an integrated, multi-channel system that reached Dobbe’s ideal taster.  The system helped to move potential tasting room visitors through the sales funnel from consideration to purchase by deploying a series of ads with the right message at the right time.

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