The Hess Collection | Digital Advertising Increases Ecommerce Wine Sales 350+%


The Hess Collection engaged Angelsmith to create a digital advertising campaign for the Napa Valley winery to increase its ecommerce wine sales over the Cyber Monday holiday.

Angelsmith created and executed a cross-channel campaign using email, social media advertising, organic social posts, and retargeting that generated a 30X return on the winery’s ad spend(ROAS).

Digital Advertising Results

  • Biggest ecommerce wine sales day in the winery’s history
  • Contributed to the winery’s largest ecommerce revenue month ever
  • Nearly 25% of the annual ecommerce revenue goal was earned in a single day
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):
    • Every $1 spent on advertising and agency fees, returned $30 in ecommerce wine sales.
  • Ecommerce Wine Sales Results Compared to Cyber Monday 2015:
    • Revenue: Increased: 350.39%
    • Average Order Value: Increased: 7.65%
    • Transactions: Increased: 318.37%
    • Ecommerce Conversion Rate: Increased: 118.96%
  • Program Strategy and Execution Overview
    • Pricing
      • The Hess Collection direct to consumer (DTC) marketing team created a rock-solid product pricing and shipping strategy.  Without this, the campaign would not have generated such tremendous sales.
    • Revenue Prediction & Advertising Investment Model
      • Based on this modeling, Angelsmith made an accurate digital advertising investment recommendation that was significantly less than the winery anticipated it would need to spend.
    • Instituted (Near) Cradle To Grave Digital Advertising Attribution Tracking
      • This allowed Angelsmith to modify the advertising based on real-time wine sales
    • Created an Integrated Digital Channel Feedback Loop
      • Developed programming on the various channels that were rolled out to support each other
    • Targeting
      • We narrowly defined those consumers most likely to purchase Hess wine based on our c360 Consumer Insights™ research and the previous digital advertising tests with the historic winery.
    • In addition to digital advertising, Angelsmith also redesigned and developed The Hess Collection’s website and manages the winery’s social media advertising and marketing.

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