Facebook Advertising Case Study | Ecommerce Wine Sales Increase 350%


The Hess Collection wanted to increase its Thanksgiving weekend sales, but weren’t sure how and where to spend their ad dollars.  They needed an agency with deep experience in both the wine industry and ecommerce advertising.  Angelsmith applied its knowledge of industry benchmarks such as conversion rates at each phase of the funnel, and average click through rates for wine on Facebook. 



Many marketing directors are concerned about overspending ad dollars for campaigns, but without an accurate estimate, the danger of underspending can tank ecommerce sales.  Leaving money on the table is just as bad as spending ad dollars on a channel that doesn’t convert.

Digital Advertising Goal Definition 

    • Angelsmith considered the potential impact of Cyber Monday’s annual ecommerce sales and allocated the appropriate digital advertising investment to it.

Instituted Cradle-to-Grave Digital Ad Tracking 

    • Knowing how your spend is working on each channel is critical to making better digital advertising investments.  
    • Thorough tracking allowed us to optimize the advertising buy by the hour. On Cyber Monday as sales were trending upward late in the evening, we were able to confidently shut down creative, targets, and placements that were under performing and redirect budget to higher performing ads based on real sales conversions.

Integrated Digital Channel Feedback Loop

    • Each communication touchpoint (organic and paid social media, email, Facebook & Instagram advertising) was designed to support and reinforce the other.
    • While Facebook assisted in 27% of Cyber Monday sales, slightly less than its average annual percentage contribution, the overall digital advertising effort was greater than the sum of its parts.



  • Single-biggest ecommerce day in the winery’s history
  • Winery’s largest monthly ecommerce revenue 
  • Generated nearly 25% of the annual ecommerce revenue goal in a single day
    • Every $1 spent on advertising and agency fees, returned $30 in ecommerce wine sales (industry benchmark is 4:1)
    • Revenue:
      • Increased: 350.39%
    • Average order value:
      • Increased: 7.65%
    • Transactions
      • Increased: 318.37%
    • Ecommerce Conversion Rate:
      • Increased: 118.96%


Angelsmith delivered a cross-channel digital advertising campaign that achieved a 350+% increase in ecommerce wine sales for The Hess Collection. We leveraged email, social media advertising, organic posts and retargeting ads, and within only 3 days Angelsmith turned Thanksgiving weekend into the best single ecommerce sales day in the winery’s history.

Digital advertising tests over the course of the year combined with the results of Angelsmith’s consumer insights research, provided a roadmap to Intercept & Influence™ the winery’s consumer.  Because we engineer digital advertising sales tracking into every campaign we work on, we have the confidence to accurately predict where and when marketing communications and digital advertising will be most effective.

If you have questions about this article or would like to schedule a call for more information about how we can help you achieve your financial goals through paid advertising, schedule a call on my calendar and let’s see how we can help you reach your revenue goals.