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Dawn of War II Community Site

Angelsmith was tasked with creating the Dawn of War II social community website for leading digital game maker, Relic.

Dawn of War II traces its existential roots back to 1987 with a tabletop miniature wargame that grew steadily to a digital presence with the first Dawn of War in 2004. Starting in the Fall of 2008 Angelsmith handled scoping and definition, creative design, and technical development of both the companion site and the community platform for Dawn of War II.

Through engaging content and an easy-to-use, custom CMS the client, THQ, was able to roll out multiple expansions for this individual game property on the existing main site and serve an ever-growing online community.


Angelsmith built the original site and community with the knowledge that in gaming success means expansion. The foundation of the custom CMS was flexible enough that as the property grew the sites grew with it. New designs and added functionality were accomplished for both the 2010 release of the Chaos Rising expansion and the 2011 release of the Retribution expansion.


The Dawn of War II project spanned over its initial launch and two subsequent re-skins, with Angelsmith building and augmenting a custom system for both the promotional site and its community of over 25,000 fans. All in all a year and a half of work went into the project that demonstrates Angelsmith’s creativity and ability to draw in community around a property.