Web Optimization Case Study | Ecommerce Cart Optimization Raises Sales Out of Ashes


Website optimization is the process of making incremental changes in order to generate increasing revenue returns.  Just like when you have a car that isn’t running perfectly, before you buy a whole new car, you first pop open the hood and look for the minor fixes that could help that car run good as new. 

When it comes to ecommerce, your business website is the one aspect you have complete control over, and it would be a mistake to view website development as a one-and-done process. If your website isn’t delivering the revenue results you aspire to, perhaps it’s time to pop open the hood and look for those minor fixes. 



A direct to consumer healthy foods subscription service came to Angelsmith when they experienced plummeting sales after a website redesign by an inexperienced graphic design firm with no ecommerce experience.  Sales plummeted overnight. 

With an annual revenue of more than $3 million, the economic hit from a bad website redesign threatened the future of this family-run business.  



Angelsmith applied its systemic approach, identified key drop off points in the checkout process, and began testing our theories within 72 hours. 

Our initial hypothesis was that the cart path was unnecessarily complex and that the order in which the site captured data was inverted. To test this theory, we first streamlined the cart checkout process and reorganized how data was requested from, and displayed to, buyers.   



Within 58 days, Angelsmith tripled the company’s conversion rate from below the industry average to more than 5%, reduced their website’s cart abandonment by 21% (this is huge!), and recaptured revenue on 8% of cart abandonment by developing an automated email series. 


Ongoing website optimization is about using data to interpret consumer behaviors and then testing theories to prove them out.  With ongoing optimization programs, its about making incremental changes to continuously increase revenue. 

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