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Vine vs. Instagram Video: Which One is Right for You?


The video market is ripe for users, offering a variety of creative outlets like YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and others to help us share our lives, experiences, and creations. There’s a growing debate among users, bloggers, and videographers over which will reign supreme over the app world: Vine or Instagram? If you’re trying to choose, this is everything you need to know.

Instagram Has More Features

When it comes to sheer numbers of features, Instagram beats Vine quite soundly. Instagram offers 13 video-specific filters, allows you to string a series of clips together, and lets you cut the last clip if you choose. Instagram also offers image stability, auto play, automatic sound, geo tagging, and a photo map. Instagram features sharing capabilities on many more social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Flickr, Foursquare, and by email. Plus, Instagram offers 15 seconds of video, compared to Vine’s six. So, if you’re looking for a battery of features to aid your video creation endeavors, Instagram comes out on top.

Vine Has Some Powerful Features

If you’re thinking all those features tip the scales too far in Instagram’s favor, it’s because you don’t have the entire picture yet. Vine doesn’t have the filters, ability to delete the last clip, image stabilizer, or access to Tumbler, Flickr, Foursquare, or email, but it does feature the looping capability. What does this mean? Consider what Adam Goldberg has been able to do with those looped six seconds. He became an overnight sensation on Vine with his artsy, kind of creepy, video series. Without this single feature, those video sensations wouldn’t have been possible.

There’s a Purpose for Both Apps

So, as similar as these two apps seem on the surface, there’s a clear difference in how they behave as creative mediums. Instagram has attracted the masses, who need the full 15 seconds, all the filters, image stabilizer, and other features to produce a good story. Vine followed the brevity inherent in all things Twitter, yet opened a world for video creatives to play in. Sometimes, the smaller the playground the bigger the plays. Artists thrive when they’re given so little room with which to work. There’s a place for both apps, depending on who you are, what story you’ve got to tell, and how you like to tell your story. Of course, both apps are dependent on a clear connection by the user’s Internet providers, considering how annoying it is to create a perfect video and be able to upload it because of a bad connection to your networks.

How to Choose the App for You

If you’re still on the fence, try both. They’re both free, and are relatively lightweight. Some people like the brevity and editing restrictions of Vine, while others prefer the lengthier, feature rich medium of Instagram. Take a look at the videos you’ve already created and see how long they typically are. This gives you an idea of how long it takes you to tell a story. Also, consider how the looping feature of might enhance the effect of your videos. The Internet is a big pond, and there’s no reason two fish can’t thrive here.