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How Matthew Hussey Put ‘Get The Guy’ On The New York Times Best Seller List


The integrated marketing approach from NBC’s “Ready For Love” Matchmaker.

Matthew Hussey, an Angelsmith client, has been billed as the top relationship guru in the world. Much of his success can be attributed to his integrated marketing strategy and his appeal to diverse demographics. His dating advice is to throw a wide net and treat everyone you encounter equally well. He uses this same strategy to sustain a vibrant and expanding fan base.

One of the core tenets of his new book, Get The Guy, is that you can’t predict where the best opportunities will come from, so it’s key to always be genuine, always be presenting your best self, and always be saying, “yes.” He’s presented himself with the same sort of friendly enthusiasm to a variety of outlets and channels and allowed each of those individual platforms to crossover and promote his overall success.

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More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Get The Guy hit the NYT bestseller list and you may not have even heard of Matthew Hussey. How does a guy who seems to only have a niche market go from a book release to best seller status in so short a time? The secret is that he doesn’t have a niche market, he has an abundance of them. He speaks to women and men, whether they’re single or in a relationship, old or young, corporate climbers or entrepreneurs. He doesn’t alienate any of his fans, regardless of which of his audiences they belong to.

Yes, We Can All Get Along

As diversified as his base is, his integrated marketing approach is even more impressive.  All of his channels work seamlessly together to move prospects forward, towards an on or offline conversion. Angelsmith designed and built his US website to capture leads, drive awareness about the book, highlight the television show, and promote his live seminars. It serves as a central repository and turns divergent bits of information into a unified call to action.

Just like the stages and progression of a relationship, Matthew understands that not everyone who lands on his website is ready to make a commitment.  He carefully guides those in the research phase as well as providing an immediate opportunity for those website visitors ready to make a quick purchase.

His live seminars feed the marketing engine by reinforcing his book sales. His on and offsite SEO efforts get his content found on both his social media channels as well as his website. Matthew has made the most of his optimization efforts by choosing video as his primary content format.While still building meaningful connections with his growing audience, he creates content with the purpose of guiding fans through the sales funnel.

All ‘Overnight Success’ Stories Were Years In The Making

None of this happened by chance or luck.  Matthew was building his community long before he even had an idea he would be on a television show or write a best-selling book.

His passion for his community is palpable and genuine. He puts as much into a video as he does a blog post. As he explains in his book many people take a somewhat mercenary approach, as if their charm is a precious resource they’ll run out of if they don’t save it for the right time and person. It’s like saying, ‘When I get on the stage, then I’ll learn my lines.’ His integrated approach means he’s as good in rehearsal as he is on opening night.

Speak Your Mind

The group that’s helped his book sales the most are his blog followers. Well over a hundred thousand strong they’re predominantly women who have followed Matthew’s work for a while now. Even within this seemingly solitary market a collection of niches are revealed. As Matthew explains,

“The gettheguy blog has been around for the last few years. Initially we hadn’t built it up, it was something I only visited from time to time to put a new article on. But over time it’s proven to be key to our success. Through the blog I’ve been able to build a community for women between the ages of 21 and 50–and many outside of those ranges too. Many are professional women who have found a place to get practical information to help their love lives, and communicate in the comments with other women.”

They’ve been waiting for his book to come out for months, and now that it’s here they’re all excited. They buy copies for themselves and then go back for seconds and thirds as gifts for friends.

Something Fun

Maybe you caught his book trailer for Get The Guy on the Today Show, or a friend posted it to Facebook. You could have seen it anywhere. It’s a hilarious video of grammar school kids complaining about their dating lives. Matthew dreamed it up as a fun thing for his fans and now it’s approaching 2 million views. That would be impressive for a big-budget movie, and it’s a book. I bet you didn’t even know books could have trailers.

A Deal For Everyone

If you’re a fan of Living Social you probably heard about Matthew there. He’s been using the online deal-a-day site to drive people to his sold-out events across the country and to drive sales of his book. The seminars are intimate gatherings of a few hundred people. He picked ten cities to visit and used Living Social to personalize each stop. The events themselves reflect that personalization too. He covers the same core focus of dating and forming relationships, but each one is different. He’s taking his time on audiences that could fit in a high school gymnasium, and in the process gathering audiences that could sell out coliseums.

The Grassroots Effect

If you want to replicate Matthew Hussey’s success you need to follow his advice and say “yes.” Put your best self into each channel available to you and use each little success to build on the last and nurture the next.  His personal website and the companion site for Get The Guy serve as a digital hub for all the various niches. When interest is piqued in one area a new fan is drawn into the forum atmosphere of the sites. Matthew’s diversified approach to his work is built on a have it all attitude. The results show how small efforts and communities of support form a surprising majority.


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Murray Z. Castro

June 22, 2013

This is the book that single women have been waiting for! Written by the hottest dating coach on the scene, Matthew Hussey, it offers clear, honest and practical advice for women on how to find their ideal man – and, importantly, how to keep him. Using simple steps, Matthew guides us through the complex maze of dating and shows us just how to find the guy, get the guy and keep the guy.


May 2, 2015

He does not tell anything that we do not already know, and his strategy might work for women who have no one special in mind and always dealing with a crowd and who treat love as a step to step planning and plotting not something beautiful and spontaneous – In order to be able to use this approach, you need to find lots of men you’re attracted to to use it on. ….women instinctively know how to attract and what men feel…if they don’t they are just grown up female children or baby women…women do not need any male to tell us all these…and it is only marketing and shrewd talk that makes him what he is.

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